How going Zero Waste Cured My Acne

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How going Zero Waste Cured My Acne

I used to be that girl, that tried everything and anything she could get her hands on just to cure her acne.  Ever since my teen years, acne flared up and it never never never went away. Worse of all, I was that girl that popped them! Yeah, I know, bad.  I got them all cystic acne, whiteheads, everything. It was frustrating and embarrassing being in my late 20s and trying still figuring out my face. I was never confident enough to go out in public without makeup.

Back then, I had a specific face wash, and I would wash my face at night, and once again in the morning.  I would moisturize using an oil-free face moisturizer. Between the wash and the application of the moisturizer, I would put on whatever new product was promising to clear up my face.  

My zero waste journey started in 2017.  The first switched I made, was my face wash. I started oil cleansing using primrose oil and started noticing a change.  My skin actually liked it. It started to clear up, but I would still break out here and there… mostly around important events.  

After a few months of doing this, I noticed that my skin wanted more! More moisture. That’s when I put my DIY hat on and decided to make a balm. The ingredients I used were: olive oil, beeswax and a bit of honey.

Simple, yet so nurturing. I couldn’t believe it, my skin was clearing up! I never realized how all these companies try to sell you solutions, but they actually make the problem worse.   Chemicals were my worst enemy and I didn’t realize it.

Today I only wash my face once, at night with a regular bar soap.  I then apply my balm and that’s it.  I stopped washing my face in the morning because I realized that my own skin works really hard to create oil to protect it all night, and I was stripping that away in the morning.

My statistical nerd inside of me keeps telling me correlation does not mean causation and that maybe there are different reasons why my acne cleared up.  Maybe it was because it was the diet change. Although I’m not a vegetarian (I did try it out though), I stopped eating processed food to avoid plastic packaging.  Maybe it was my age. When I started my zero waste journey I was 31, maybe all my hormones started to chill. Maybe it is because I stopped using fluoride in my toothbrush.  Maybe my acne cleared up because of all those reasons.

I'm not a professional, but I am very happy I made the changes I did. My skin is perfect now, I have all the confidence in the world stepping out of my house without makeup.   

Have you made any zero waste changes have you made that resulted in an unexpected positive result?

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